Scott County Shrine Club

About Us

The Scott County Shrine Club was founded with a sense of purpose to aid in the education, care and growth of children in Scott County.  Over the years, this dedication has not changed, but our service area has grown.  With the decline in membership in Greeley, Wichita, Lane and Ness Counties, these clubs have been joined with the Scott County Shrine Club to create a club with a sizable geographic footprint.  Our service area now encompasses all of these five (5) counties and the cities involved.  Although our largest number of member resided in Scott County, we have members in several counties, and our Board of Directors have members from three (3) counties.

The Scott County Shrine Club is a fraternal, philanthropic organization.  To be a Shriner, a person must first be a third degree Mason, and then be accepted into the Shrine fraternity.  The Shrine organization is championed by the 22 Shrine Hospitals internationally.  These hospitals provide free medical care to youth under the age of 18, in areas of orthopedics, burns, spinal cord injuries, cleft lip and palate, and more.  The advanced care provided is family-centered while focusing on maximizing the child’s quality of life, regardless of the families’ ability to pay.

Shriners believe in families, fun and brotherhood.  Our members come from diverse backgrounds, each added to the abilities of the group.  We are bound by our shared appreciation of positive values, doing good for many and building relationships that last lifetimes.  We also have a shared appreciation of fun; as evidenced by our “zany” parade units and groups.  Shriners are also sponsors of Shrine Bowls in many states, bringing elite athletes together to display their abilities and to learn about and fundraise for the Shrine Hospitals.

So next time you see a Shriner, either in a parade, working at a community event, or in the case of the Scott County Shrine Club, going to the Shrine Circus as a fourth grader, take a moment to appreciate their efforts to grow the life experiences of all and improve the education potential of our youth, their community, and our world.